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Who we are

At Kappa Taxes, helping our clients achieve financial health and success is our number one priority. For business owners, it is crucial to maintain organized accounts that can help keep you up to date with your books all year. So coming year end, calculating your income and expenses will be more accurate. You can relieve this burden with our help in maintaining effective financial habits.


We do more than just crunching numbers on government forms and tracking and documenting all your money, we also take on the responsibility for your company’s financial growth. We are in the business of helping you make and keep more money by tracking the flow of money through your organization. Through this we’re able to increase your quality of life and sale able business value.

What We Do


Our accountants are board certified and stay current on all of the newest information, tax laws, regulations, and techniques in our field while ensuring lawful, efficient and compliant business practices. With our ability to provide accurate tax preparation services, you can trust us to help you make more money.

Getting started is easy, it’s about finding which way you want to go about it. You can contact us directly or use our online system to get started. Our platform allows you to enter all of your information directly on our secure website for us to help move the process along quickly for you.

How It Works

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